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Networking Solutions

We design, deploy, operate and manage next generation IP networks for Corporates, Large Enterprises and BPO’s. Peak XV empowers Clients, Telco’s and Service Providers to quickly deploy advanced value added services over their broadband networks. We specialize in integrating next generation network technologies with existing Networks.

We have the global network engineering expertise to enable you to setup your network more quickly & develop new services and capabilities.

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Peak XV tailors networks to meet your budgetary requirements and provides high quality resources at reasonable prices. Our Professional Services include both Custom and Packaged solutions. We will work with your current equipment configuration or develop completely new recommendations depending upon your needs. Being a vendor neutral company, the resulting design is best of breed and based solely on your requirements.

a. Routing and Switching

Peak XV Networks offers solutions for design and optimization of Core Routing and switching solutions from different manufacturers. We have the global network engineering expertise to enable you to more quickly develop new services and capabilities. Our engineers work to understand your goals and then apply their skills to ensure high quality project delivery and customer satisfaction.

Network Assessment

To plan, design and scale the existing network for future needs it is very vital to know the current status of any network. Network assessments help corporates / large enterprises to baseline a set of metrics to determine overall performance of their network. Peak XV’s team of certified and qualified engineers provides unbiased view of the entire network. Our experienced engineer’s study the network, analyze availability versus requirements and provide recommendations as per industry best practices.